Who We Are and What We Do

Below are some of the tasks we have accomplished in the few short month’s this group has been in existence.
• We have had some courageous Floridians stand up and oppose mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and Critical Race Theory in our Florida schools. KUDOS and THANKS to those who have spoken up and spoken out so far!!
• Our letter campaigns to Governor DeSantis have resulted in laws being passed to prohibit vaccine passports and mask mandates. We acknowledge additional work is needed in this area to change some parts of existing law referenced in SB 2006.
• As of the beginning of August, 2021, we have grown our group to over 850 people!

We still have a lot to do, and our admins, in conjunction with the other states and Tore Says are working on several other actions to achieve our goals. If you have any special skills that you feel can assist with any of these current and future actions, please contact one of the admins.
• Auditing the Florida 2020 election results
• Opposing School Board imposed Mask mandate for 2021/2022 school year.
• Opposing College imposed Vaccine coercion.
• Support constitutional amendment to ban vaccine passport (language that carried over into SB 2006)
• Recommendations for legal actions for people who are experiencing the Biden Administration vaccine Karen’s coming to their doors.
• Research regarding counties, cities, school boards, corporation that are imposing unconstitutional vaccine or mask mandates.
• Attendance at county, city and school board meetings where needed.

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