Stand With Cuba

Letter campaign – IMPORTANT

Please email or snail mail the letter below to Governor DeSantis, AG Moody and your local County Commissioner:

Every state in the Union must stand behind the Cubans in their fight for freedom against the woes of communism. However, under the usurper Biden’s administration, any political dissent is met with punishment. The unlawful Biden administration has deliberately cut off the Cubans’ access to the internet via a USAID funded, DARPA-like program dubbed the “Cuban Twitter,” doing business as Mobile Accord, set up by none other than Hunter Biden through his notoriously corrupt investment firm, Rosemont Seneca.

We request that Attorney General issues an injunction against the Biden administration for this blatant abuse of human rights of our brothers and sisters in Cuba and immediately restore communications to the emboldened island-dwellers.

Please see the following article for more details: